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Welcome to my art section! I enjoy working with Interior Designers, Architects, and Private Home Owners to select the perfect size and medium for your space. The abstract images are original oil paintings created by my Mom, Astrid Linnea. They have been professionally scanned and are presented on giclée, modern acrylic, or metal. Please contact me directly for more information.
Blue Moon over CamogliStrolling Italian PeacockThe Roman ForumFrancine's HorsesCamogli MorningHoly WaterSecret Labyrinth MauiInfared Wild Horse in FranceCircus Maximus RomeChurch of St FrancisThe Colosseum RomeLaguna GloriaManarola ItalyCivita di BognoregioHillside in ItalyInto the lightChurch GardensCave GhostHorseshoe